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Robert Neyland

Sculptor, Independent Researcher Ancient Civilizations

The Mask of Mehit

There once was a Lioness

In a time before Time.

Stately and regal, she faced the East

To greet the sunrise each day

and guard the Horizon

where the Heavens meet the Earth.


Ancient upon ancient, she bore the scars of age;

Of deluge, wind and sun.

Her job was to help Man remember

That there was a Before.


One day a prideful Pharaoh trapped Mehit in a Mask.

That Mask was a puny, clumsy head in the likeness of himself.

And Man forgot Mehit.


Experts tell us that Khafre built the Sphinx

in 2550 BCE to radiate his glory.




Mehit remains trapped to this day in De Nile…

She thanks all who seek to reveal her.                  

Research Interests

The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most perplexing and enduring mysteries of ancient civilization. How is it possible that the grandest and most colossal sculpture on the planet    is utterly without mention in the historical record for over a THOUSAND YEARS after its supposed creation?

For years, many archeologists have wondered why the head of the Great Sphinx is too small. It sits on the much larger body of a lioness and emerging theories are that it was reshaped and cut down from a larger head on a much older monument.

This idea belongs to others, however I provide reasonable proof of this concept that the head and body were carved at different times, contrary to commonly accepted history.

The story of the re-carved Sphinx is important because it      indicates footprints that lead backwards in time, not forward.       Her erasure is a revealing piece of our Forgotten History.

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